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You Own a Grocery store/ Restaurant and would like to introduce authentic tasting Indian sweets to your customers?


You already sell sweets at your establishment and would like boost your sales with better tasting sweets and without working in your kitchen full time?

Bikaner Sweets Factory

is your one stop shop. We have been providing a wide variety of authentic tasting Indian sweets to businesses in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our Mission is to provide our partners with best Indian delicacies and customer service excellence. All our sweets are made right here with fresh Canadian dairy products. Our sweets are made in small batches, so it can be delivered fresh to our customers for maximum shelf life to sell it. Our team of dedicated halwais (sweet makers) can create recipes to your customers taste. Whether you are looking for delicious seasonal sweets or a mouthwatering desserts all year around we can provider our products on time every time. We have strict quality control measure in place to provide consistent taste and freshness. We manufacture over 100 varieties of the most famous sweets and majority of them available in stock all year around. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed...Please contact us for further details.
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